PAJAK /Spider/

PAJAK – designer radiator for people who are not afraid to experiment. The style of the model refers to traditional Polish decorative forms, the so-called spiders, in which the construction of complex geometric shapes is carried out using readily available raw materials. The construction, made of unlacquered copper, fits perfectly into modern industrial lofts and other premises. Attached wooden hangers add coziness to the shape and make it a functional element of corridors or bathrooms. PAJAK, covered over time with its natural patina, acquires additional charm and a noble appearance.

The working pressure is up to 10 bars, and the maximum working temperature is 95 degrees.

Technical data
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  • Heat output (at ∆T= 50) 300W *

  • Heat output (at ∆T= 50) 339W *

  • Heat output (at ∆T= 50) 380W *

  • Heat output (at ∆T= 50) 368W *

  • Heat output (at ∆T= 50) 424W *

  • Heat output (at ∆T= 50) 480W *

  • Heat output (at ∆T= 50) 437W *

  • Heat output (at ∆T= 50) 510W *

  • Heat output (at ∆T= 50) 582W *

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If not sure about the heat output use the heat loss calculator
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Brand – THERMA
Warranty – 8 years
Material – steel
Set of fasteners and breather
Wooden hangers
Brackets type C1P allow you to adjust the distance of the radiator from the wall
Wide functionality, allowing convenient hanging of towels
The radiator is made entirely of unvarnished copper elements, which in the production process and during use naturally become colored and/or form a patina. The change in the appearance of the coating is not covered by the warranty.

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