The simple design of ESCADA electric towel rail – round or square vertical and horizontal profiles – are an ideal choice for your bathroom. Available in white or black.
A narrow construction of the vertical profiles has been implemented as a response to the needs of customers who are looking for a functional and visually attractive radiator for their bathroom.
Special accessories make Escada Electro an integral part of a Scandinavian-style: bathroom,  kitchen, room, and why not a hallway?

– In every Escada Electro model, the switch is built into the back of the profile, around the top of the radiator. Therefore, it is not visible either from the front or from the side.
– Models with square profiles /ESCADA 2 i ESCADA 3/ have handles with special hooks that allow convenient hanging of towels.
– For each model, a special shelf or hanger has been created, the installation of which is possible when the ladder is leaning against the wall. Stability is provided by bottom brackets fixed to the wall. It is also possible to install a shelf when the radiator is hung on the wall.
– The use of non-slip feet allows the radiator to be mounted safely by leaning against the wall. Using it at both the bottom and top end allows the radiator to be rotated 180 degrees as well

Power – 160 W ~220-240V/50Hz IP64
Height – 1600mm Depth – 89-109mm
Width – 600/320 mm




Доставка -  Безплатна доставка за поръчки над 900 лв.
Срок на доставка - 3-5 седмици
Инсталиране - Предлагаме монтаж на продукта
Консултации - Безплатен оглед на място в гр. София

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Бранд – Instal Projekt
Warranty – 15 years
Material – steel
Electric towel rail
2 colors available WHITE or BLACK

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ESCE 2 – square profiles □ 30×30 mm/ □ 20×20 mm, ESCE 3 –  square profiles at a slant □ 30×30 mm/ □ 20×20 mm, ESCE1 –  round profiles ⌀ 38 mm/ ⌀ 22 mm​


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